Loughborough University are ready to help boost the solar PV sector with a £5 million project designed to improve research, training and industry partnerships.

The PV industry is seeing a massive growth, not just in Britain but worldwide, all because of the increasing worries of rising energy prices and global warming fears. With the cost of solar panels also decreasing, more and more homeowners are seeing the advantages of renewable energy.Solar project

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The Loughborough-run SUPERSOLAR hub will see the creation of labs for solar energy technologies and a training programme for the solar panels sector.

The funds are set to come from the Engineering and Physical Sciences research Council and partners include universities from Bath, Oxford, Liverpool, Southampton and Sheffield.

Mike Walls will be responsible for the scheme’s running and the universities research is renowned for its work in the renewables field.

Professor Walls said: “This initiative is aimed at building on some great innovative research already carried out on solar devices in the UK. We aim to continue to conduct ground-breaking research and also build a network of universities and companies to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by this exciting industry.”

Solar PV systems have suffered in the early part of 2012 after the lucrative feed-in tariff was reduced from 43.3p/kWh to 21p. But still there are brilliant returns to be made with solar panels and as the cost of the equipment has dropped annual return rates are still between 10% and 15%.

With solar panels:

  • Reduce your electricity bills by as much as £300 a year with a renewable source and help yourself in escaping fuel poverty worries. With the cost of gas and electricity set to rise in the coming months and years you’ll be able to save even more money
  • Earn a guaranteed, fixed income with the Government’s feed-in tariff scheme at a rate of 21p/kWh. This is only available until August 1, but once the system is installed and registered you’ll be hooked up for 25 years
  • Slash your home’s carbon emissions and reduce your property’s footprint. As you’re using a renewable source you’ll be avoiding fossil fuels
  • Increase your home’s value with the energy saving potential and fixed income of the feed-in tariff. Your home will be much more attractive with the prospect of reduced energy bills

Speaking about the developments on Loughborough’s solar PV plans, Professor David Delpy, Chief Executive of ESRC, said: “The SUPERSOLAR research hub will bring together the UK Solar energy research community to address the key research challenges facing the development of the next generation of solar technologies. Scientific research into all forms of low carbon energy generation is essential if we are to reduce carbon emissions and avert dangerous climate change.”

Solar panels help to reduce energy bills and guarantee homeowners a fixed income. If you’re interested in exploiting a natural energy resource, simply apply for up to four FREE solar PV quotes by completing our quick form.