As with all forms of renewable energy sources, there are many positives to installing it in your home. So, if you’re considering a heat pump, then take a look below and the decision will be made clearer.

  • Heat pumps are economical and cost less to heat and cool your home than a traditional heater or air conditioning unit. In fact, a pump will provide three times more heat or cool air than a conditioner and furnace or boiler.
  • Heating pumps are also less intense and can run for a longer period of time while still maintaining a comfortable level of airflow. This is particularly useful during the hotter summer months when humidity can be controlled.
  • Heat pumps can save you money on your monthly and bills, especially if you’re using electric heating. As the energy from the ground is free to produce, you won’t be paying the electric board.
  • Heat pumps are often referred to as a ‘fit and forget technology’. This is because after the initial installation, they require very little maintenance whatsoever. In fact, they’ll generally run smoothly all year without a hitch.
  • Above all, heat pumps leave a smaller carbon footprint on the world than the more conventional boilers or central heating systems. Installing a heat pump will reduce your carbon emissions and make your home more environmentally friendly.