Solar power

Solar Power

Free hot water and space heating from the sun


Solar panels can make a big difference in reducing the running costs of your home by providing precious extra free power and excess that can be sold back to the National Grid.

Reduce your energy bills and even earn money with solar power.

Solar panels provide FREE electricity all year round and the government will even pay you for every unit of energy generated.
Over their 25-year lifetime, solar panels can save you up to £32,000. That’s over £1,200 every year!
This figure takes into account the amount you’ll save on electricity bills, plus what you’ll earn through the government’s Feed-in tariff scheme (FITs).
National grid

If you don’t use all the electricity you produce, it’s not a problem.

Any excess energy can be sold to the National Grid at a set rate of 4.77p/kWh.

Off-grid and hybrid systems also store electricity on batteries to use when the solar panels aren’t active.

However, these aren’t common place in the UK and you’d have to specifically ask the installer for either of these systems.

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