The first step in applying for the Feed In Tariff scheme is to check whether your renewable installation is eligible.

Eligible units that were installed on, or after 15th July 2009 within Great Britain will be able to directly apply for accreditation under FITs.

Special arrangements were put in place for units commissioned before 15th July 2009. Microgenerators falling into this category had until the 31st March 2010 to register with Ofgem under the Renewables Obligation.

Microgenerators who have been participating in the Renewables Obligation are able to transfer to the FIT scheme if they wish. They will have received a letter from Ofgem or from the agent that trades their ROCs with instructions.

The diagram below shows the range of technologies that are eligible, as of April 1 2010. It also explains how the accreditation process will work in each instance.

Feed In Tariff Scheme (FITs) eligibilty -

Feed In Tariff Scheme (FITs) eligibilty