It’s worth having a well insulated house if you are considering having a heat pump installed. This is because heat pumps produce a lower level of temperature than traditional boilers.

There are a number of ways you could improve the insulation of your home to make the most out of heat pumps. Installing double glazing, improving the wall cavities or strengthening the loft insulation are just three ideas.

Your garden needs to be suitable to fit a heat pump, and there must be easy access for digging machinery. A trench or borehole will be dug for the heat pump to be installed in.

If you want to replace electricity or coal, then heat pumps are recommended as the savings will be much greater. However, gas homes are advised against purchasing.

Large radiators, underfloor heating and low temperature fan convectors work better with heat pumps. All three are better than using a normal-sized radiator because the level of water required is much lower.

Combining the installation with other building work can reduce the initial installation costs.