It’s not just buildings utilising the power of the sun to provide electricity. Gardens and ponds are now harnessing this natural, renewable energy.

At first, solar power panels for the garden could only be used when in direct sunlight – which of course, is only a few hours of the day.

Now oxygenating ponds and garden water features have entered the solar market, and these gadgets can be programmed for use whenever you want.

As long as the solar electricity system incorporates some form of storage, homeowners can use the energy at any time of the day, for up to five hours on a full charge.

These features require no wires to run, or trenches for installation. In fact, solar cells are a relatively cheap and hassle free investment to make use of this environmentally friendly energy.

They are free to operate and require no maintenance after installation. What’s more, they reduce your carbon footprint as dioxide emissions are reduced.