Renewable Energy Planning Permission - you interested in having a renewable energy product installed on your property? Worried about planning permission?

Solar PV and thermal roof mounted systems
All these systems are permitted in the UK, unless they stick out more than 200mm when installed.

Although in Scotland there are a few extra regulations:

  • They are not permitted if the building is in a conservation or world heritage site and the equipment is visible from the road
  • The device is not allowed to be installed higher than the peak of the roof (excluding the chimney)
  • The panels must not be within one metre from the edge of the roof

Solar PV and thermal stand alone
In the UK, these are all permitted on the basis that:

  • They are not more than four metres high
  • They’re not installed within five metres of a boundary (England only)
  • They do not cover an area bigger than 9m2

Although in England, the product cannot be installed in a conservation of world heritage area, if it is visible from a highway.

Furthermore, in Scotland, stand alone solar PV and thermal products cannot be installed if:

  • It’s within the land of a listed building
  • It will need more than one free standing solar device
  • It is installed on a property in a conservation of world heritage area and will be visible from the road

Wood burning boilers or stoves
There are only two regulations surrounding wood burners in the UK.

  1. the flue cannot exceed the roof height by more than one metre
  2. they cannot be installed in conservation of world heritage properties if it will be visible from a road.

Also in Scotland, when CHP wood is fuelled, the flue must be within an Air Quality Management Area.

Ground source heat pumps
There are no planning permission regulations for ground source heat pumps.

Water source heat pumps
There are no planning permission regulations for water source heat pumps.

Microwind (Wind turbines)
As of yet there are no official guidelines covering wind powered renewable energy sources in the UK.

However, it is expected that detached properties, that aren’t in conservation sites, will be granted permission.

Until a decision is reached though, you can contact your local planning officer or authority to find out if you need planning permission.

Air source heat pumps
For the time being, air source heat pumps are in the same boat as microwind technologies.

There is still no official legislation, and until there is, you must simply contact your local planning officer to discuss your project.