There are a number of benefits in having an air heat pump installed on your property.

  • Reduction in fuel bills. Although the pump will need some electricity to run, you’ll still save on energy bills. By using this natural energy, you’ll also be saving the environment.
  • The heat pump can produce both space and water heating. You can utilise the heat pump for either or. The heat can be sent to radiators and underfloor heating, or be released into the air by fans.
  • Reduction in your carbon footprint. Despite the minimal amount of electricity used to power a heat pump, you’ll still save the environment by producing less carbon emissions.
  • Virtually no maintenance required. Once installed, heat pumps take care of themselves with little to no maintenance needed.
  • Installation is easier than ground heat pumps. You don’t need a trench or borehole dug in your garden to have an air heat pump installed (unlike geothermal pumps). This also saves on installation costs.