Solar underfloor heating

Solar panels have moved to the top of the renewable energy wish list, as people have started to take advantage of this free source.

And for those wanting to heat their homes in an environmentally friendly way, solar underfloor heating is available.

Solar heating is perfect for underfloor, as the temperature remains at a lower, more comfortable level throughout the day.

Solar underfloor heating is suitable for most domestic or commercial properties, and doesn’t give designers a headache. Unlike bulky radiators, the underfloor heat systems remain hidden from view.

How underfloor heating works

Underfloor heating is both simple and effective, making the most of this renewable energy source.

Solar panels installed onto the roof of a property heat fluid as it is pumped through from the holding tank.

The fluid then passes via a heat exchanger, and enters the thermal store. The underfloor system then uses this heat to warm the home.

Benefits of underfloor heating

So in summary, the benefits are:

  • Extra space in your rooms as there is no need for bulky radiators
  • Increased comfort levels, with a longer lasting lower temperature of heat
  • Reduced running costs, as you are utilising a free, renewable energy