Solar panels have shot to prominence in the UK, with thousands of homeowners slashing their bills with the environmentally friendly technology.
Solar panels

Not only will you see a cut in electricity bills, but you’ll earn a fixed income with Government backed scheme, whilst reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

And mortgage lender ING Direct has revealed that British home buyers value solar panels above any other non-essential property extra.

The housing market is in a state of decline so to make the most from properties, homeowners are doing all they can to increase value. With the potential solar panels have, they’ve become a popular home feature.

As gas and electricity prices are set to rise again this winter, ING believe it’s the sustainability and cheaper energy bills that are attracting the British towards solar.

As the below list shows, solar panels have hit the top spot for most desirable non-essentials.

1. Solar panels (38%)
2=. Weekly bin collections (32%)
2=. Satellite TV connection (32%)
4. Greenhouse (25%)
5. Walk-in wardrobe (24%)
6. Good 3G signal (20%)
7. Giant bathtub (19%)
8=. Outdoor power supply (18%)
8=. Pantry or larder (18%)
10. Garden pond (15%)

It shows just how much solar panels have hit the forefront of UK energy since the launch of the feed-in tariff in April 2010. Now homeowners have two clear-cut financial incentives for utilising solar power in their homes.

Now more than 360,000 UK homes benefit from solar panels and are raking in a 10-15% annual return of investment.

The feed-in tariff works as a fixed payment for every unit of renewable electricity produced. This rate currently stands at 16p/kWh, but cuts are expected on November 1. Therefore, it’s essential to beat the reductions and have your system installed before this date – capturing the 16p rate for 20 years.

To start your renewable journey and have solar panels installed on your roof, why not find out local quotes. With prices dropping 50% in the last year, now’s the time to consider an installation and reduce your bills.