The UK’s renewables output hit record levels in the first quarter of the year, with more than 11% of the country’s electricity provided for by wind farms, hydroelectricity and solar panels.

The Government’s Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy prices report shows that renewables output has increased 39% from the first quarter in 2010. Onshore wind in particular was a big climber, up 51%.renewables

Renewables in the UK have become increasingly popular because of Government incentives linked to products such as solar panels. As it stands, homeowners, landlords and businesses can make a huge profit with PV systems and see a 10-15% return of investment annually.

Solar panels are part of the renewables group, as they capture natural energy from the sun’s rays and convert it into usable electricity for the home.

With solar panels:

  • Cut your electricity bills by up to £300 a year using an environmentally friendly energy source
  • Earn a guaranteed, tax-free income with the Government’s feed-in tariff scheme which pays out for every unit of electricity generated. The current rate of 21p/kWh means you’ll see a return of investment between 10% and 15% every year
  • Increase your property’s value with the energy saving potential solar panels offer. Potential buyers will be attracted by the prospect of slashing their bills and earning an income
  • Cut your home’s carbon footprint and help the environment with global warming issues

Speaking about the UK’s renewables levels, Energy Minister Charles Hendry said: “Today’s statistics show a clear increase on the first quarter of last year across all renewables – with rises in wind, hydro, solar and bioenergy generation.

“Alongside a 36 per cent increase in renewables capacity in the last 12 months, this shows that the UK is powering forward on clean and secure energy and is clearly a very attractive place to invest.”

And a RenewableUK spokeswoman said: “These figures show the sizable contribution renewables are making to our energy sector. It puts paid to the idea that renewables will never generate anything – they are generating significant levels of energy and helping to power millions of homes.”

Solar panels offer you a route away from the rising prices of gas and electricity and mean you have the opportunity to slash your bills every month.

If you’re interested in renewables and want to cut your spending, why not see how much you can save with solar panels and receive up to four free solar panel quotes from local, vetted companies.