UK solar energy into world’s top ten

The UK’s solar industry has broken into the world’s top ten for the first time. Government incentives for the renewable energy sector have pushed solar panel sales domestically, as homeowners have opted to take advantage of free heat and electricity.

And despite the uncertainty currently surrounding solar power ahead of the imminent Feed-in tariff reduction, the UK is generating large amounts of solar energy. The country is helping to generate a combined worldwide total of 23.8GW.
Last year 693MW of small-scale installations were completed, as well as 200MW of projects larger than 50kW. In fact, 2011 saw a 1,273% increase in installations on 2010.

According to research from HIS, the photovoltaics league table shows Italy at the top of solar panel installations and Germany in second spot. Despite leading the way in renewable energy movements, Germany reduced its Feed-in tariff scheme last year, accounting for a 20% decrease in installations.

The US completes the top three, followed by China, Japan and France. With a total well into 800MW, the UK moves into seventh spot globally.

Solar power offers a number of benefits to homeowners and businesses, in an effort to reduce the need for fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. First and foremost it offers you free energy, meaning your annual bills will be reduced. This is because solar power takes advantage of a natural source. This also means producing energy won’t increase the levels of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is one of the contributors to global warming and is released through the burning of coal, gas and oil. Renewable energy is intended to directly replace fossil fuels. Apart from solar panels, you could install biomass boilers, heat pumps, wind turbines or hydroelectricity generators. You could be eligible for government schemes and you’ll make a huge saving on your bills.

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