Scotland’s renewable energy ventures have received yet another boost as they’re ready to sign a technology research deal in the Middle East. Scotland broke their renewable energy targets in 2011 and the government is hoping to generate 100% of energy through renewables by 2020.

And this deal with Abu Dhabi could further cement this possibility, which has been called “ground-breaking” by First Minister Alex Salmond. The deal, which will be known as the Energy Technology Partnership, will see 12 universities developing green products.

Solar panels, wind turbines, heat pumps and hydroelectricity stations are just some of the renewable energy possibilities and improving energy efficiency is key to meeting targets. The deal will involve producing new wind, solar and wave technologies.

Alex Salmond said: “It is clear that the work Masdar [Abu Dhabi renewable project] is taking forward on leading us to a low carbon society is in perfect synchronisation with the work we are doing here in Scotland.

“This is the first agreement of its kind between Masdar and an individual nation and will work towards developing further university research into renewable energy.

“This landmark deal rightly puts Scotland firmly at the forefront of the green energy revolution and I look forward to this relationship between Scotland and Masdar growing and delivering for all our global futures.”

Salmond’s trip to the Middle East isn’t the first, as he visited Abu Dhabi in October to promote Scotland’s business and educational links. As well as striking a renewable energy partnership, there are plans afoot to develop direct air routes between the two countries.

Renewable energy has taken over Scotland’s energy market in recent years, especially in the wind sector where there’s a large natural supply. It’s not just in the commercial sector where renewable energy can make a difference either, but domestically too.

Solar panels have been popular for homeowners because of the ease of installation. The Feed-in tariff scheme has been taken up all over the UK as homes look to make the most out of green energy.