If you’re thinking of investing in renewables, you’ll want to know the best solar panels for your home. You’ll come to a junction and can choose to have either solar PV panels or solar thermal panels. Solar for my home

The clear difference is that one produces electricity and the other produces heat. The other difference is that one’s a clear winner if you want to make a brilliant return of investment with solar.

When you think of things in this manner, the best solar panels are the ones that will make the most money – and this would be a PV system.

PV panels allow homeowners to utilise the feed-in tariff scheme, which pays for every unit of renewable energy generated. When you add the bonus of free electricity, solar is a very worthwhile investment.

And despite the recent cuts, return of investment is now higher than in 2011. This is because the efficiency of solar has improved and the cost of installation has dropped. Solar PV really is the standout winner when it comes to the best solar panels.

With solar PV panels, homeowners can:

  • Generate free electricity for more than 25 years, avoiding the rising gas and electricity prices
  • Earn a guaranteed fixed income for 25 years with a lucrative Government scheme
  • This helps to see an annual 8-11% return of investment and a fantastic profit – better than ISA accounts
  • As well as this, solar panels will add value to your home with the energy saving potential
  • And you’ll be using a renewable source, therefore cutting carbon emissions and improving your property’s carbon footprint

With PV panels, the Energy Saving Trust say savings and income can be around £670 a year.

Whilst solar thermal panels are cheaper, they won’t earn nearly as much as the PV panels. They’ll provide around 33% of your home’s hot water and save between £55 and £80 a year.

With solar thermal panels you may have to invest in a compatible boiler too, as you won’t be producing 100% of heat with the panels. This surely highlights the fact that PV are the best solar panels to invest in.

And with PV panels, you don’t have to worry about having a pitched roof, as they can be mounted on a frame on the ground, a wall or flat roof.

The more sunlight they receive, the better they will work. So to utilise the best solar panels position, it’s important to have them facing south or southwest.

Permission is rarely needed too, unless you’re living in a Conservation Area. If this is case, then contact your local planning officer for more information.

As with any home improvement, it’s important to get the right deal for your money. It’d be unwise to enter the market and go with the first solar company you come across. By comparing companies you can ensure to get the best solar panels prices and get more for your money.

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