Scientists from the University of Southern California could make a breakthrough on flexible solar panels, after developing a fluid that can be painted onto surfaces. It would contain tiny solar crystals and be able to conduct electricity.
Solar Panels
Cadmium crystals may be less effective than the traditional solar panels, but are much cheaper and easy to grow. In fact 250 billion could fit on the head of a pin.

Because of this size they can be printed onto film or painted onto surfaces, making the possibility of flexible solar panels a reality.

Assistant professor of chemistry at the university, Richard Brutchey, said in a statement: “Like you print a newspaper, you can print solar cells.

“While the commercialisation of this technology is still years away, we see a clear path forward toward integrating this into the next generation of solar cell technologies.”

This is a massive advancement on the solar industry and could mean that in years to come laptops and other electronic gear can be powered up from an environmentally friendly energy source.

The possibilities are endless if these solar cells can be made available to the general public and would go even further to cutting carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming. Flexible solar panels could revolutionise the way we all use energy.

As it is, solar holds a large share of the UK’s market, as homeowners install panels on their roofs to generate free electricity. With Government incentives there’s also the possibility to earn a fixed income for 25 years.

With solar panels you can:

  • Generate free electricity using a natural source. The energy bill savings can be as much as £300 a year
  • Earn a fixed income for 25 years with the Government’s feed-in tariff scheme. This pays out 21p/kWh, giving homeowners around £500 a year
  • Receive a return of investment between 10% and 15%
  • Cut your home’s carbon footprint, helping to eliminate global warming problems and save the planet

Solar panels are fixed onto roofs, normally facing south to receive the optimum level of rays. If you’re interested in generating free electricity for 25 years, complete our quick quote form and receive up to four free quotes from local, vetted companies.

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