Renewable energy could take hold of the southwest of England; after it was revealed the UK’s first marine Energy Park would be built. The park would focus on offshore wind, wave and tidal power in an effort to generate environmentally friendly renewable energy and cut carbon emissions.

The site will cost close to £100 million and could create a tenfold growth in jobs in Devon, Cornwall and Bristol. And this would all take place within the next five years.

Not only will the renewable energy venture provide thousands of homes with clean, green energy, but products will be built and shipped as far as China and South America.

Energy Minister Greg Barker believes the southwest could become the marine equivalent of the Silicon Valley, where Apple, Microsoft and Google were all born.

He said: “The South West was not getting the proper recognition as the leader in the sector, not just in the UK but globally.”

The government is looking to grow the wave and tidal market, which is currently small. This would be done by strengthening the ties between major ports, academia, offshore energy schemes and onshore testing tanks.

Renewable energy is all part of the government’s larger plans to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced. Carbon is created through the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and oil.

Other renewable energy products include solar panels, heat pumps and biomass. They all generate heat and electricity by using renewable sources and can be installed domestically as well as commercially.

By installing your own renewable products, you’ll benefit from a range of incentives and you’ll be generating your own free energy. Solar panels in particular are great investments as you’ll earn money for every unit of electricity produced through the government’s Feed-in tariff scheme.

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