Benefits for a heat pump system

A heat pump system is an alternative to paying costly electricity or heating bills. As a renewable energy source there are a number of benefits for installing a heat pump system in your home.

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• Heat pumps produce free energy from a natural source. Geothermal heat pumps take energy from the ground and convert it into heat and electricity, which can be used in your home. So you’ll reduce your monthly and annual bills considerably by generating your own energy

• Heat pumps require very little maintenance once installed and are often known as a ‘fit and forget’ technology. They’ll run for decades with no problems, generating free energy for your home

• Heat pumps produce a less intense heat, which is particularly good during the summer. It means you can control the humidity and maintain a comfortable temperature all year round

• Because you’re using a renewable source to generate energy, you’ll reduce your home’s carbon footprint. This is much better for the environment than a central heating system, which produces carbon dioxide when burning fuel.

So with a range of benefits, a heat pump system seems the obvious choice for most homes. They’re installed under the ground in your back garden and can be left for years without any faults. This is the opposite of a boiler, which tends to breakdown during the winter. So not only are you saving money of energy bills but also repair costs.

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