The River Humber is ready for a renewable energy revolution after it was announced a £130 million biomass power plant would be built in Hull. This pushes the total planned investment for the estuary to £1bn.

The investment would make a lot of green jobs available in the area and the biomass plant would provide electricity for 95,000 homes. This is enough for a third of homes in Hull and carbon emissions would be cut 190,000 tonnes a year from this renewable energy.

In spring there’ll also be a decision on the Green Port Hull development. This would see a £210m facility built to manufacture offshore wind turbines. This renewable energy venture would create a further 700 jobs for skilled engineers and support thousands of other jobs in the industry.

Last year a £150m renewable energy plant to be built on the River Hull was also given the go ahead. This scheme will be supported by Spencer Group and would convert household waste into renewable energy. It’s the first of its kind in Britain.

Chris Huhne, Energy Secretary for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, said: “Yorkshire has, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, always been at the heart of Britain’s energy economy, and I’m not surprised to find that the same thing is happening again today.

“People understand in this part of the world that we have got to have energy, and we’ve got to produce it in an economic way – and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Biomass is a very important part of what we are doing on the renewable strategy, but obviously what we do have to do is make sure the biomass we are using is sustainably sourced.”

Renewable energy has become popular in recent years because of government incentives and the free energy it provides. Solar panels, heat pumps and biomass are all forms of renewable energy that’ll help cut bills and reduce carbon emissions.

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