The National Trust has continued its renewable energy agenda by installing its largest solar panel system at the Llanerchaeron property in Wales. The Trust beat the December 12 deadline to receive the government’s higher Feed-in tariff rate and the PV system will generate half the property’s electricity.

It was decided by installer Dulas, that a free standing ground system would maximise the renewable energy potential for the house.

Dulas’ marketing manager Mike Clay said: “By taking forward thinking steps and engaging with a highly experienced company the Trust has been able to best utilise the space available to gain maximum benefit from the Feed-in tariff.

“By prioritising the installation Dulas was able to commission the project in time to take advantage of the highest Feed-in tariff rates providing the best possible financial rate of returns for the Trust.”

The National Trust is focused on using renewable energy to cut its reliance on fossil fuels by 50%. This is all to take place by 2020 in an effort to reduce carbon emissions by 45%. The Trust also wants to reduce energy and water use in a bid to help the environment. This can be done by generating their own energy with renewable products.

Dulas have been linked with the National Trust before, having installed biomass wood fuel heating systems at their Stackpole and South Pilton Green sites. These steps have helped the Trust continue on its renewable energy path.

Renewable energy is a viable, environmentally friendly energy source that can generate free heat and electricity for domestic and commercial use. It’s become popular in the UK after government incentives, including the Feed-in tariff scheme, came into force.

Renewable energy products include solar panels, heat pumps, wind turbines and hydroelectricity systems.

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