Making your home greener

If you’re considering installing some form of renewable technology in your home, you might want to think about the property’s energy efficiency.

With poor efficiency, energy will simply be wasted, either by being used unnecessarily or seeping out with poor insulation.

Below you’ll find a number of home improvements you can make, to save you money on your duel fuel bills and make the most of a green, renewable energy source.

  • One of the first things you can do that’s quick and easy, is to change the light bulbs. Switching to energy efficient bulbs will save you on average between £3 and £10 every year.
  • If you have GU10 spotlights, changing to LED’s will save around 90% electricity. What’s more, they’ll last forever. They’ll set you back an initial £10-£15 each, but you’ll quickly make back the cost.
  • Installing A-grade double glazing will insulate your home, preventing heat loss. An energy efficient gas in between the two panes, such as argon, will add to the efficiency.
  • Improving your wall cavities and loft with better insulation will stop heat escaping through the brickwork. There are environmentally friendly options too, with thermafleece (sheep wool) quite popular choice.
  • Insulating pipes and hot water tanks with cylinder jackets will also see you save money and reduce carbon. A hot water tank jacket will pay you back on savings within six months, saving £35 a year on bills.
  • A Hippo in the toilet cistern is another way to reduce bills and make your home more environmentally friendly. 33% of your water is flushed away, and a Hippo reduces that by up to six litres a day.
  • You can also save with water-saving taps. The tap has two levels of strength depending on what’s required of it, so you can still fill up the bath quickly if need be. Installing these taps saves around 70% of water use.
  • Energy consumption can be reduced using time lag switches. These are very easy to operate as once turned on, they’ll turn themselves off after a certain period. Timed lag switches are best used to control lighting and heating.
  • And if you’re searching for an energy supplier that’s using renewables to provide electricity and heat, then try Ecotricity. You can opt for a 100% renewable tariff, and profits are spent on developing new renewable sources.

Plus, you can go with an ethical insurer. NatureSave provides comprehensive cover for individuals and companies and is the only insurer that protects the environment.

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