Lazy homeowners can’t be bothered with insulation

British energy supplier E.ON has said that 10% of UK homeowners can’t be bothered to insulate their properties.

And because of this, they’ll be missing out on savings of around £390 a year, with poorly insulated walls and lofts.

Research carried out by OnePoll surveyed 2,000 homeowners in August, and a number of reasons were given for not having their homes insulated.

17% mentioned they didn’t know how to insulate their homes, while 9% said they had too much in their lofts to install lagging.

However, 17% said they simply couldn’t afford to have their homes well insulated.

The Green Deal which begins next year is expected to encourage more people into installing insulation. This is a loan scheme that will target homes that are failing in energy efficiency.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will also be trialling a system this month in an effort to make people more energy aware. The trials will be in cooperation with local authorities, DIY retailers and utilities.

Kevin Bryant, energy fitness instructor at E.ON, is campaigning for people to install insulation rather than turn on the central heating. Around a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions come from homes.

He said: “When we feel the cold, it’s very tempting to turn on or turn up the heating, but there are other long-term solutions which can make a big difference and help you save money on your bills.”

“With a quarter of heat lost through uninsulated roofs and a third through uninsulated walls, installing cavity wall or loft insulation is one of the best long-term approaches to getting your home more energy fit.”

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