Claim your £1,250 heat pump grant before missing out

If you want to install a ground or air source heat pump, it’s now the perfect opportunity after the Government launched the second phase of their Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP).

On April 2 the Government released details, which included being able to receive grants for solar thermal panels and a heat pump system.

  • A heat pump system is an environmentally friendly technology
  • It takes natural heat from the ground or air and transfers it into usable energy for your home
  • Radiators and underfloor heating can be powered and water will be heated
  • This will cut your home’s annual energy bills and slash your property’s carbon footprint
  • The heat pump system will also add value to your property.

But how do you get the heat pump grant?

The RHPP scheme works on a voucher basis. The voucher for a heat pump system is equivalent to £1,250 and 80% is cashed in before the installation. The remaining 20% is then issued when the installation has been checked and is ‘meter ready’.

A set of monitoring equipment is then installed on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust.

But the first step you should be taking to receiving this £1,250 grant is to find out how much installation costs are, and how much you’ll save yearly with this renewable technology. There are many heat pump companies out there, so it’s important to receive a number of quotes to ensure you get the best deal.

When you’re happy with the quotes you’ve received, see if your property matches the heat pump criteria to receive the voucher.

  • You must own the property you wish the heat pump to be installed at. Either that, or you must have permission from the property owner
  • If your property is a new build, you must retain ownership as an occupier or private landlord
  • Your home must be fitted with sufficient insulation – loft insulation (250mm) and wall cavity insulation
  • Environmental and planning permissions must all be in place
  • The heat pump installer must be registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). All companied on Quotatis’ books are MCS accredited.

The second phase of the RHPP is now open, so you’ll need to pre-register. The Energy Saving Trust will then help you with the next step by providing further information.

For up to four heat pump quotes, just use the form below.

To pre-register for phase 2 of the RHPP, click here.

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